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Business Tax Return Plans

  • Business Tax Basic

  • 1 Federal Tax Return
  • 1 State Tax Return/Statutory Reporting
  • 2 K1s
  • Required Federal/State Schedules
  • E-file where applicable
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  • Business Tax Basic+

  • Best Value Package
  • Features of Business Tax Basic
  • Basic compilation of information
  • Year-end adjustments/basic reconciliations
  • Consultation related to current year return
  • IRS/State tax notice resolutions
  • Included - Impact analysis of tax law changes on 2018 taxes
  • Customized

  • Customize tax filing needs
  • Add additional services required
  • No Hidden Fees
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  • Discounts offered for multiple tax returns, business and individual combined, initial tax returns and non-profits.
  • Business Tax Basic plan requires complete organized information including finalized P&L, depreciation schedule and balance sheet.
  • Fees are based on tax forms required for filing as well as time & effort involved in the tax return preparation process. Quoted price will be honored subject to any additional work required as a result of incomplete information or additional items submitted for inclusion after price is quoted.
  • Consolidated pricing offered for year-round business services.

  • Business Tax Return Document Checklist .........Click here

    Please email to get a customized quote for your accounting, payroll, sales tax and other business needs.